Blackberry Whiskey Liqueur 200ml

This is a deep, deep favourite and like all good things you have to wait for it to become what you never expected from this combination of fruit and a spirit.

Gathering huge quantities of the best blackberries and employing young whiskey, over several years this combination slowly transforms into a rich, deep, and an ever so succulent liqueur, perfect for Winter’s dark nights.

Pear Liqueur 200ml

This holds a kiss of flavours, of pear, orange & spices that unfold & rolls in your mouth. It is simply a thoughtful, & seductive after-dinner companion, pure pleasure.

Rhubarb Gin Liqueur 200ml

Liqueur (abv 34%) made with rhubarb straight from our kitchen garden and into a glass jar with gin from local Wharf Distillery

Spring is an eruption and the fresh pink sweet stems if our rhubarb is infused in a Northampton Dry Gin.

We capture Spring and all that sweetness and produce a liqueur as essential as Spring itself.

Exquisite with light, non-flavoured tonic at 1:3 ratio and ice. Uplifting on its own, we also garnish with mint or rosemary or crystallized rhubarb.

Please note that our drinks will sometimes alter in colour as they mature, this is due to the all-natural infusion process that we use and does not affect the incredible taste of the drink.