Day Two of Rhubarb

In the mix!
and jared …

Along with 4 bottles of Sloe Gin, harvested 27th August, frozen, and infused on 30th.

It will now rest for at least a year.

If it can get through Christmas, without being drink!

Sloe Gin 2018

It’s just all go at the Food-library.

On with the Valencian Paella …

More cooking …

March 3: Spring

Life just starts speeding up.

We are nearing the end of March, the clicks are about to alter, offering more light, earlier starts.

The shoots are bursting though earth, plans domino like rippling tides, and it’s just the beginning.

One if the drives for the food library is a belief that, everyone should eat good food, not processed good, not bought entirely from the multinational super market chains, not pre made, but home grown, home cooked food, of outstanding quality.

A drive for self sufficient living, an aim to care for the soil, an aim to produce seasonally, an aim to save the planet, and an aim of being able to ‘feed a street’.

Our street, not a town, city or country, just a street, because the society I live in, can’t even feed it’s population.

A micro climate of living.

‘Small is beautiful’. *

Sustainability on a practical, realistic, and simple level.

Is the street a village, within the urban?

Use and re-use.

As example is our use of the apple tree.

Chopped down, the trunk remains at 95cm, to be used as a table for the garden kitchen.

The wood, see above image, will be seasoned for a year, and employed in grilling and the pizza oven.

Wood has been chipped and sawdust collected for hot smoking produce.

Apple wood from the soft heart of the tree

This hot smoked produce, the pizza oven will be used to feed the street, along with the cold smoker, the food we grow & the food we cook.

We are not reinventing the wheel, just using the one that keeps being abandoned in the shed, whilst the juggernaut of capitalism ploughs on, following a Century of warnings.


*Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered is a collection of essays by German born British economist E. F. Schumacher. The phrase “Small Is Beautiful” came from a phrase by his teacher Leopold Kohr.[1] It is often used to champion small, appropriate technologies that are believed to empower people more, in contrast with phrases such as “bigger is better”. (Taken from Wikipedia).

Garden Kitchen <> Kitchen Garden

Over the past few months, we have been planning an outdoor Garden Kitchen.

We have posted the removal of the garden decking,


The ground is marked out to set out footings.

We’re going to build a pizza oven on the right hand corner.

Presently looking at a specific oven, made in Stoke-on-Trent.

Pizza oven

This is a break down of the structure of the proposed oven.

The garden will also include a grill, plus a smoker.

We are heading towards a fully sustainable cooking system. The oven will enable us to not only cook pizza, but bread, slow cooked lamb, and amazing breakfasts.

The smoker will enable us to smoke, meats, cheese, fish, garlic’s.

Very exciting.

March 2:

Breaking Earth

We’re bowling along through March.

Today being Spring Equinox.

Our forced rhubarb

Using the methods & principals of Bio dynamics, we sow our seeds on specific days, according to the motion and movements of the moon, that in turn inform and effect the motion and movements of, for example, water.

It is a method that is in tune, with the rhythm of the seasons. It requests you to work with nature and not against.

We have an array of seeds sown, on specific calendar days.

Sown seeds

Presently we have, courgette, cauliflower, globe artichoke, (flower day), tomatoes, courgette, (fruit day), savoy cabbage, (leaf day), and this week, starting today from 16hrs, we move into a root day, and the start of the potato planting period.

Casablanca potatoes chitting

A busy week ahead.

February 5:

The Food Library Spice Rack.

A new acquisition for the kitchen. We bought this little gem from Driftwood Vintage at the top of our Street. It was made from unfinished plywood so we painted it orange, to complement our ice blue kitchen units.


Another moment of perfection, is the bottling of a couple of bottles of, ‘Black Rider’. This is an infusion of blackberries that have been soaked in whiskey for 6 months.

Rather than ditching the fruits we re soak the fruits in a cider. This one is Black Rider.

The infamous Black Rider

We also use the fruits to make Semi Freddo. This is a classic Italian desert, using eggs, Castor sugar, double cream, all whisked together, with the added fruit, and placed in the freezer, creating Semi Freddo … nearly frozen.