About Library Membership

The Food Library is for home cooks and enthusiasts, professional chefs, and those needing more input, it’s for those wanting to extend knowledge, ideas and skills.

The Food Library is also a great location  to meet and to discuss issues of food production, security and DIY food culture, swap tips and recipes.

The Food Library is a members only Library.

It costs £25.00 a year.

We are open twice a month on Saturdays.

Visits are prebooked by you through our email, michael@food-library.co.uk

Spaces are limited to 10 persons each appointment.

We open at 10:00hrs and close at 12:45hrs,

We Serve lunch at 13:00hrs

Special appointments can be made.

We serve tea and cakes, plus a pre ordered lunch, served from 13:00hrs and 14:30hrs.

The menu for lunch will consist of 2 courses. The menus for each month can viewed one month in advance. The food will be seasonal, often home grown, often selected from local producers, always fresh. (Limited to 6 diners – Lunch cost £12.00)