Pie Love Monthly

Life Boat Pie
Pie Love Monthly Has Arrived…

Michael is now making pies once a month for pre-order on every second Wednesday of the month.

You can currently order for:

December 8th

Pre- Christmas orders (see below)

We are making the ‘Life Boats’ you can see in the gallery below, which are the perfect size for one person, if you would like a larger pie, please don’t hesitate in asking.

Orders are taken up to 7 days in advance. To make your order please email michael@food-library.co.uk. You must notify Michael of any allergies when ordering, please read the allergy & intolerance statement below and check the ingredients.

On the Pie Love menu for December 8th:

Orders due by December 5th via michael@food-library.co.uk

Walk on the Wild Side Pie

These ‘Life Boat’ pies are packed with Pheasant fresh from local shoots.

They hold not just Pheasant but Pancetta, Blackberry Whiskey Liqueur, Vegetables, Walnuts, Herbs, all held in a Herb Short Crust Pastry. CONTAINS NUTS.


Add on:

200ml Pheasant Gravy made from the stock.

Big Hearted Chicken, Mushroom, Ham & Tarragon

A ‘Life Boat’ pie in a Short Crust Pastry made by Michael. Lush in its generous ingredients of Organic Chicken & Chestnut Mushrooms, slithers of Ham in a yogurt cheese sauce called ‘Suzma’. The pastry is rich and melt-in-the mouth,

made in-house, employing organic butter, flour, eggs and spring water.


The Adam & Eve It (Veggie)

…Yes believe it
The Food Library Apple Pie captures the best of the season’s local apples in our short crust pastry to create a sweet treat of biblical proportion. It’s pie ‘plus’ with Sultanas, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Citrus.


Add on:

Have it served with 100ml of Food Library Crème Anglaise, a creamy-custardy, true accompaniment to this beautiful pie. NOT to be reheated as it will curdle, eat like a cream or cold custard with your warm pie.

Thinking of more people?

Bump up the Love with Pie Love for 2, or 4 people.

£10.00 Pie Love for 2

£20.00 Pie Love for 4

Book Pie Love for Christmas, orders taken up to 18th December via Michael@food-library.co.uk

Delivery by 23rd December

Thinking about Christmas?

We’re also making large winter pies, for 8 people, so you can share the … Love.

Game Pie Love for 8 £45.00
Pheasant, Partridge, Rabbit,
held in our Short Crust Pastry.

The Ace of Spades Ox Cheek for 8 £45.00
A Pie of magnitude.
Slow cooked Ox Cheek, Stout, Red Wine, Porcini & Portobello Mushrooms, with a Beef Stock, this Pie Love is robust. Held in our Short Crust Pastry.

Burrow Pie for 8 £45.00
Wild Rabbit Pie, combined with Pancetta, and creamy white yoghurt ‘Suzma’ sauce, held in our Short Crust Pastry.

Allergies and intolerances:

We want everyone to enjoy Food Library produce safely. Our preserves and liqueurs available from our online shop are all vegan, additive free and naturally gluten free. Potential allergens such as mustard seeds are highlighted in bold on our packaging. All pastries are freshly handmade at the library using organic flour, butter, egg, and milk. We ask anyone enjoying fresh food to notify us of allergies and intolerances in good time, so that we can cater for them, wherever possible. The Food Library kitchen is based in our home and therefore all produce is handled in a kitchen exposed to allergens. If you have questions please contact michael@food-library.co.uk

Whilst Michael lovingly prepares food and pies from scratch, a little shard of bone or even shot may from time to time may appear in our game based pies.

We look forward to taking your order through this email


We deliver to 3 miles of NN2, or you can collect from the Food Library on Cecil Road, NN2.