December Dining Club – A Menu for the Afterlife

A Menu for the Afterlife

For our final Dining Club of 2021, in the dead of Winter, we are turning to a series of books for inspiration, one being, ‘Menus That Made History’, by Vincent Franklin & Alex Johnson.

This is a book that spans time, historical figures and incidents, offering the menus that were crafted for many reasons; love, politics, survival, diplomacy, science… often eaten, sometimes, not.

From the 1967 menu for Elvis Presley’s Wedding Breakfast, to the 1912 Titanic’s last menu, to the 1971 Shah of Iran’s elaborate dinner celebrating the Persian Empire.
It is a wealth of intrigue, and temptations, utterly curious and revealing, what food was being eaten at pivotal points in human history.

For this Dining Club we’re arriving into ancient Egypt, with a Menu for the Afterlife, celebrating life whilst the season is (un)dead, offering a future into the light whilst it is dark.

What was on offer for the departed ancient Egyptians, often stored in burial tombs, was simply:


This simple list offers us the opportunity to delve into more books from our shelves at The Food Library, research the Egyptian diet and to craft an exquisite meal by Michael, inspired by the dead for the living.

We currently have 6 tickets left. It’s an opportunity to meet new friends over an atmospheric night in our comfortable home, welcomed by Michael & Laura and surrounded the Food Library book collection and produce.

Menu details to follow shortly. To secure your booking a £25 deposit will be required for each guest. Email to book now.