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Beyond the Burger

New for 2024, during these workshops with Robin Poppin of Create Terroir, we are bringing fire to the table, with a four-part, ‘how to’ cook with fire & smoke.

Dates (all Saturdays)

March 30th (Easter weekend)
May 11th
July 13th
October 5th

Times 10am-4pm each session

At the Workshop for Sustainability, Cecil Road, Northampton, NN26PG.

Cost £65 including a communal meal cooked during the workshop.

Get outside, light a fire and get cooking, there are few better ways to spend time. A mindful pursuit with a delicious meal at the end.

This workshop will embrace what cooking over fire truly has to offer, FLAVOUR! You won’t find heavy marinades, thick rich sauces or extravagant ingredients, masking the flavour this method of cooking has to offer, fire, char & smoke.

Learn how to build and maintain a fire, control the heat and use every part of a fire, even the coals and embers! With a little practice and patience cooking over fire is every bit as controllable and flexible as using a conventional kitchen.

Cooking over fire brings a unique connection to our food, a connection that requires not only an understanding of how the fire behaves but also how ingredients behave, a relationship for which you are the curator.

This is a skill that is deeply rooted in human DNA for a millennia, a skill that we simply need to become reacquainted with. Think beyond the burger and embrace cooking over fire!

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