Workshop Eats

Our Workshop Eats events are an opportunity to join us for the communal meal served at the end of one of our “How to” workshops. So far in 2024 you can join us at the end of our “How to Cook with Fire” workshops and enjoy a smoked, flamed, grilled, charred feast of salads and meats or fish cooked with chef Robin Popham. You can also enjoy a wild food feast made with foraged foods, crafted wild fermentations and game by Alex McAllister Lunt at his “How to Rewild your Life” workshops.

You will arrive at 3pm to enjoy the final throws of the meals being cooked and presented by our workshop guest experts and chefs. We will finish at around 5.30pm (ISH), drinks will be available to purchase separately.

Book here, leave us a note in your booking and email with your preferred workshop, date and any allergies/ requirements to confirm your booking. Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another workshop if necessary. Please email Michael to arrange.

Please note for “How to Forage” & “How to Ferment” workshops you can still book lunch and pay on the day with cash or card.

Workshop Eats are set up for those of us hankering for a social & communal dining event, set around our big table at the Workshop for Sustainability on Cecil Road, NN26PQ…but that cannot make an entire “How to” workshop. Places are limited so don’t delay in your booking.

Love Local ~ Eat Local