How-to Workshops

Our How-to workshop series invites specialists that embody The Food Library ethos, offering skills and expertise as well as ambrosian meals. If you’ve thought about foraging, fermenting, eating wild food, honing your fire cooking skills, or growing more of your own, there is a workshop for you at the Workshop for Sustainability.

The Workshop for Sustainability has been created by The Food Library to translate our huge book collection on all things food and drink into DIY workshops. Learn how-to as we move towards increasing self-sufficiency and understand of where our food comes from, connecting with the fresh food around us, seasonal changes and the nourishment of what can be achieved with a little time and help from each other.

1 day How-to
Forage or Ferment


How-to Forage (1 day)
April 13, June 15, September 14, November 9

How-to Ferment (1 day)
April 14, June 16, September 15, November 10

2 day How-to
Forage and Ferment


How-to Forage and Ferment (2 days)
April 13 & April 14
June 15 & June 16
September 14 & September 15
November 9 & 10

Cook with Fire


How-to Cook With Fire (1 day)
March 30, May 11, July 13

Grow Food


How-to Grow Food (morning session)
January 14, February 11, March 17, April 7, May 19, June 2, July 14, August 18, September 8, October 13, November 17, December 15

Rewild your Life


How-to Rewild Your Life (1 day)
April 20, October 12



Workshop Eats: How-to Cook With Fire
March 30, May 11, July 13

Workshop Eats: How-to Rewild Your Life
April 20, October 12

If you cannot attend a day-long workshop, our Workshop Eats events are an opportunity to join us for the communal meal served at the end of How-to Cook with Fire and How-to Rewild your Life.